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"I could tell you that my interest for ecology started showing when I was little. I grew up witnessing the first threats of eco-friendly organizations against the massive development of the late 70s and early 80s. Nuclear energy, seal hunting, oil tankers stranded at sea and on beaches ... Far from believing in ecological amnesty at all its levels, I always believed that small actions are the most important and sum up over time. Stop eating animals and bite more things that grow on the ground. Move as much as possible (be it on a skateboard, bicycle or any other alternative) without directly depending on fossil residues. Upcycling evrything as much as possible became my mantra. Life is a cluster of contradictions, where ecology and development sometimes go hand in hand and sometimes not. We will have to live with it, always stuck somewhere in between."


At Pierdo we have decided to take a small step to reduce the use of plastics in our shipments. We strive to achieve a ZERO plastic policy. That’s why, every time you receive an order you’ll notice that our shipping bags are made of 100% compostable material. Our shipping labels are printed on paper and directly attached to the bag to reduce plastic.

 If you want things to change, you must apply that change to yourself first. If you want to know more, investigate. Measure your carbon footprint every time you travel, cook or shop. It’s a good starting point.

 We’re implementing more changes in that direction as we speak - some invisible, others not. Some are valued, some are not. It is not a question of who does it first, better or bigger. The important aspect is to do “something”, don't you think?