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HEART by Lucas Beaufort
Heart is a coffee table book celebrating 40 years of skateshops' history. 428 pages featuring iconic skateshops around the globe. A new 32 minute long documentary is out. The video is a love letter to all the skateshops and their community of artists, photographers and friends. This film is a sequel to the HEART book released in 2022 celebrating 40 years of skateshops’ history by French artist Lucas Beaufort.

Fos, James Jarvis, Rob Mathieson, Seth Curtis, BB Bastidas, Gaurab Thakali, Ethan Smith, Reece Leung, Andrew Khosravani, Tygar Miles Smith, Wig Worland, Lee Cameron, Adrian Rios, Alberto De Pedro, Hans Borg, Bram Voeten, Daniel Vaysberg, Timothy Verlinde, Igor Delaplace, SuperBlast, Paul Herrmann, Steffen Grap, Thomas Marecki, Dennis Scholz, Leo Preisinger, David Daub, Foley, Burny, Studio Jimbo, Chloé Bernard, Keiji Ishida, Nicolas Malinowsky, Alex One, Soy Panday
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