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We spend more time using electronic devices than ever. We don't even realize that they didn't even exist only a few years ago. We used to paint in our notepads, film on tape and the closest thing we had to Google was the fat encyclopedia we had in the living room shelf. An altar to history. The Ice Age.

Susan Kare was a young sculptor. She was looking at books about Arlac Dati's calendars when she got a call from Andy Hertzfeld, a software designer. He told her he was working on a new operating system, that he had his doubts, but that it also felt like a good project. It was 1983 and Apple was gonna launch their first personal computer in 1984. Karen accepted. 

Her first challenge was to create fonts with different spacing. Sounds easy right? She made sure the fonts were elegant, she came up with Chicago, between many others. We're sure you've seen it on a tablet or a new version of an App a million times by now and never even noticed.
Icons. She used common office items as inspiration. She made the conversion o a  32x32 squares paper. 
Sometimes, less is more, or as she would say: "Visual complexity isn't always equal to functionality, the key to my creative process is to design a symbol that widely recognizable by the people that use it”.
To this day, the heritage of Karen is still strong in all of our devices and the stuff that comes out of them. Here's our little homenage to that.
Less is more. No matter what. I remember playing THPS with my little brother. We played “SKATE” and my brother's score was 40.000pts or more every time. I was barely getting to 1500pts. I never played with him again.
I enjoyed a tailslide or nollie noseblunt of 275pts above theimpossible combos he was coming up with. 
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