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The freelance videographer Austin Bristow has done it again!
This time around it’s all about the latest 8 minute video
of part of the Palace team members ripping everything that’s in their path.
This edit showcases the streets of London, New York, Paris and Portsmouth
in a way you might’ve never seen before.
It's a perfect mix of what skateboarding’s all about:
loads of fun, great tricks and spots for days!

We guarantee your eyes will be stuck to the screen throughout the whole clip!
And with a dream team like this how could you look away?
Charlie Birch
Rory Milanes
Chewy Cannon
Kyle Wilson
And, of course, Lucien Clarke.
His part is the definition of standing out (in the best way possible)!
As seen through Austin’s lense, with additional filming from Alan Hannon:

septembre 20, 2022 by Pierdo ◎