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Poetic Collective : "NOW"
Poetic Collective was founded in 2015 in Malmö, Sweden.

It all started when the creator, Tom Botwid, was a student at the art academy in Berlin. He wanted to bring together everything that he liked into a single, unitary project - that's how the brand came to be. His idea was to incorporate pieces of art "foreign" to skating, as opposed to getting inspired by all the other skate brands and ending up creating similar stuff. Tom's art is more conceptual, and the brand itself started with him making tees and boards in limited quantities, mostly for himself and his close friends.

The brand's latest video - Now - is a 21 minute wonder filmed from Malmö to Copenhagen, and then Berlin. They started filming for it in the spring of 2022.
You'll get to meet the newest additions to the team: Elliot, Sebas, Daniel and Caro!

You can watch the whole thing here:

NOW features: Gabriel Bjørsvik, Simon Kallkvist, Carolina Gamboa, Daniel Pannemann, Aleksi Suovarra, Eliott Toiminen, Samuel ‘Qamuel’ Norgren, Moa Zander, Helena Long, Santiago Sasson, Klas Andersson, Dylan Fluchter, Peter Johansson, Tom Botwid, Johan Bergljund & Sebastiaan Vijverberg.

Filming: Markus Bengtsson and Tom Botwid