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A collection you don't wanna miss.

Misato Suzuki is a California based Japanese artist,
born and raised in Aomori.
Growing up near the ocean and surrounded by the forest is the main influence in her work: “I create paintings that combine familiar figures and abstract forms. Rather than being logical or measured, I approach painting with intuition and feeling, striking a balance between stillness and movement.”

Her delicate, abstract style integrates organic forms with recognizable shapes, ranging from silhouettes to umbrellas. She pulls inspiration from the vibrancy of her surroundings as well as from her Japanese cultural background. The layered imagery in her paintings and in her designs for clothing lines create depth and sense of movement. She conveys movement and stillness at once. 
The MISATO Sweater
One of the main items in this collection.
Made out of 100% cotton with a jaquard all-over print and a woven tag detail at the hip, this one stole our hearts: