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     Out of all the boards Alltimers put out during these past couple of months these ones stood out the most! The New York based brand collabed with New Vision Art School in Haiti. The graphics are original paintings made by some of the children attending the school, using powerful colors and infinite imagination. Their source of inspiration is a mix of Haitian Voodoo and nature.

     The founder, Lesly Pierre Paul, was born in 1990 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Lesly has no art school background. He started creating art at the age of 19 and, little by little, he built a name for himself on both the local and international scene. 

     Lesly started collaborating with other haitian artists like Jean Muller Milord and Guerly Laurent, creating sculptures. in 2017 he shifted his focus to painting, where he started developping his own style. By now, his work has been exhibited in galleries in Haiti, The United States and France.

      In 2017 he decided to give back to the community by creating an art school. Here, the kids are encouraged to develop a connection with their lineage and surroundings through art. The paintings they create are colorful depictions of spirits with nature-inspired motifs, the same type of art Lesly is known for. The school supports itself through sellling the paintings they create.


 If this project caught your eye, here´s a few haitian artists you can learn more about:
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February 21, 2022 by Pierdo ◎