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This is PIERDO, a Barcelona based store with an avant-garde spirit and vision of street culture.
On our site you will find products that drink directly from skateboarding, photography, music or design. Always looking for that "something else" behind each brand. A node in the network where common tastes and views converge.
Founded by Justo Heras and Raoul Sabin.


A humanist who exercises freethought as a "song of myself", whether on a skateboard, a blank sheet of paper or a 360º marketing campaign. Happily anointed by ancient oil, publicist by training and artist by vocation. After working in advertising, product design, television, multimedia and illustration, he captures his creativity at PIERDO. For him, a blank paper to feed his ideas and quench his thirst for new waters.


Owner of Laser Barcelona. Root artist who doesn't let any random detail escape in all the things he does. He has collaborated with countless brands and artists, retro-feeding his way of seeing and doing things. With the "do it yourself" banner, he puts his taste and creativity so that PIERDO is more than just a store.


If there is someone who knows how to stand out from the rest, that is her. Raisa loves everything she does and it shows. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Always constantly expanding. Mayeutic preacher of female skateboarding. Photographer, writer, editor Woman. She has it all. If there is someone who can turn all this around at PIERDO, that's her.


Determination and certainty. Roxana makes sure everything works. She pays attention to all the details so that nothing is left to chance. The communication and management of PIERDO would not be the same without her. She also has her soul dedicated to skateboarding. She skates higher, faster and better than you and me. She knows that she has potential and she unravels it little by little. It's better this way.