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Last week we had the pleasure to host the latest Poetic Collective video premiere!
We know that some of you didn't make it to the event, but don't worry! The first part of "Fairyland" just dropped on Poetic's Youtube, for everyone's viewing pleasure. Watch it below from the comfort of your house and stay tuned for part two, dropping later this month on Free Skate Mag's website!

Featuring Carolina Gamboa, Moa Zander, Quentin Boillon, Helena Long, Simon Källkvist, Eliott Toiminen, Santiago Sasson, Daniel Pannemann, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Aleksi 'Aatsi' Suovarra, Gabriel Bjørsvik, Peter Johansson, Tom Botwid, Samuel 'Qamuel' Norgren, Sofie Valle Mørk & Aidan Chung.

Filmed by: Markus Bengtsson,Tom Botwid, Blai Costa, Julian Lopez, Pekka Lovas, Elliot Bonnabel, JM Sneep, Jacky, Roland, Raoul Barberis, Joel Ahlstrom, Roi Peteri, Pontus Penttila & Tuomas Kuisma.

Edited by Tom Botwid