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Quarantine by Brighton Zeuner
Brighton Zeuner
I have the feeling that in the last 5 years, many things that were latent in society have crystalized and begun to germinate and bloom everywhere. Brighton Zeuner is absolutely part of it. In the kitchen of skateboarding, girls have gone from being simple additions to being the main dish. The big brands add more and more of them to their menu. This is just the beginning.

Brighton started skating at the same time as her brother. Without intending to, she demonstrated a natural ability when getting on a skateboard. What took a while for her brother, she did it first go. She participated in the Camp Woodward and won. She participated in the X-Games and won a medal. She was only 11 years old (wow!). Being a female teenager and skating at this level has made her a benchmark. Skateboarding belongs to everyone again, in a very diiferent way.
Brighton does not lose her path. She wants to stay true to herself and those who support her including Frog Skateboards and Vans.
Hello Brighton!
What do you do to keep up your good mood during confinement?
I love to see Skate videos, try to spend good time with family and friends (occasionally a friend comes over but mostly FaceTime).
A positive thought to share these days?
We will all hug again soon :) can’t wait!
Thank you for your answers Brighton, take care yourself.
Thank you so much!
October 11, 2020 by Pierdo ◎