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The never ending debate...

I remember the first time I set up a shaped board. It was a Nora pro model.
White graphic with a white top ply and transparent grip. I´m not sure 
whether it was the rectangle shaped nose
or going from an 8.25 to an 8.6, but one thing is certain:
I never bought a popsicle again!
A kickflip on a 10" board hits different. Nose stalls
on a no nose board will always be the coolest. And tail blocks 
are so much easier with square tail! Don't even get me started on inverts,
just look at the best ones: Blender, Phillips ...
none of them needed a symmetrical board to make it happen!

In the past couple of years shaped boards have been on the rise.
Nowadays you´ll run into at least one person with a shaped
board and funky grip job at every park or spot.
It all started around 2010. 
In an era full of basic logo or pro boards,
Welcome got founded and took the world by storm. Their odd
shaped boards and goth graphics rapidly became popular.
Brands like Polar Skate Co. joined in and started offering shaped versions
of their graphics. It seems that every other brand
offers at least one shape option by now...

So, which one rides better, shape or popsicle? Maybe an 80`s inspired board
will wake up you inner vert skater? Only one way to find out!

We've divided all of our boards by size to make it easier for you to find what you need!
All board orders include a sheet of Jessup griptape and a magazine.

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