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TQL - 35mm I Love You
The cap for true lovers of film photography.

The Quiet Life was founded by Andy Mueller in 1997. The brand's influences are art, music, photography and outdoor activities and it features relaxed cuts, collaborations with skilled artists that vary each season and a fun approach to its design.

The Camera Club is a project they started as photography enthusiasts. It's an online space, easily accessible on their website, where photographers from all over the world and of all levels submit their own favourite photos. The idea is bringing together different tastes and styles of photographers from all over the world, both analog and digital. With each apparel drop they produce exclusive Camera Club clothing from the top latest submissions. Every now and then they release special collabs with artists as capsules - exclusive releases / photo events.

Our item of the week is the 35mm I Love You Hat:
a simple version with embroidery and a curved visor for all occasions.