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Did you ever dream about freeing your hands after a skate session?

Founded by Tom Botwid during his time studying at the art academy in Berlin, the Swedish brand is run from their Malmö office. Their main focus is creative graphics, high-quality gear and oversized silhouettesPoetic Collective strives to be a sustainable brand. Almost all of its items are made in Europe from either organic cotton, post consumer recycled polyester or a mix of both.
Their philosophy of inclusivity and creativity is showcased through the diverse team of European skateboarders that are an integral part of the brand in every way.

The Skate Bag was made out of necesity for convenience. Made for those of us who don't want to invent a trick every time hey ride a bike to the park. Made for those who want to post that clip they just filmed on the way to the pub after skating. Are you still thinking about it?
The skate bag might be what you didn't know you needed.

Poetic Collective Skate Bag - Tear proof & water resistant!